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No Dig Drain Repairs

For our no-excavation repairs, we use the latest technology and equipment to re-line and repair cracked and damaged drainage pipes without the need for excavation; saving up to 75% of the cost of drain excavation!

The no-excavation repair method is a proven solution that places a new pipe within a current cracked or broken one; it requires no excavations and therefore is a great way to save cost and improve efficiency to get your drains ‘Going with the Flow’ again. This method is suitable for sewers, vertical rain down pipes and any other pipes found in typical domestic or commercial property drainage system. This repair method is highly resistant to temperature and chemicals.

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  • A liner is soaked with a thick layer of special wet resin
  • The still-wet liner is pulled through the damaged pipe
  • The liner is inflated until flush against the insides
  • Hot water helps the wet resin cure solid, creating a new pipe flush against the old one and tightly adhered to it
  • The inflatable liner is removed leaving just the dry cured resin as a thick new lining within any kind of cracked or leaking pipe
  • Laterally connecting pipes can be reopened with a remote cutting robot
  • The resin hardens into GRP (glass reinforced plastic), a very strong material of higher quality than the typical pipes it lines. The process is called inversion; using air to inflate the still liquid new pipe flush and firm to the old pipe where it bonds permanently in place after curing. The inflatable liner is a reusable system designed specifically for drain pipes and sized accordingly, ensuring an accurate finish every time, and allowing for different thicknesses of resin to be applied if required.

Traditional Excavation Repairs

We will do everything possible to prevent drain excavation.

Sometimes, in worst-case situations, replacement of a drain pipe is necessary and a no-dig replacement just won’t do it, in these cases we carry out fast, minimal damage drain excavations.

Occasionally a blockage is just to a tree root that has grown in or a drain pipe is seriously damaged or even collapsed; in these cases fitting a replacement pipe is the only option and excavation is required. We don’t take excavations lightly as they can be very disruptive as well as taking longer and costing more than our no-dig methods, but when we are faced with no other alternatives we take pride in minimising the digging and disruption as much as possible and carry out all works in the quickest possible time whilst keeping our customer at the centre of our service.

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