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A blocked drain can be caused by multiple factors. To achieve an accurate diagnosis whilst keeping this as cost effective as possible to remove the blockage, we use a top of the range CCTV camera to record images of your drains and the entire diagnostic process.

By providing an accurate and detailed inspection is critical to diagnosing the problem and deciding on the best, more cost-effective solution.

Why might you need a drain survey?

Buying a new home
CCTV drain surveys are one of the most important things a homebuyer should do before purchasing their new property. 

Building an extension
A pre-build survey can show the location and condition of the drains running under or close to any proposed building work.

Problems with Vermin
Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a 50p piece. A drain survey can identify any cracks and defects.

Surface flooding
A CCTV drain survey can identify the underlying reasons for surface water flooding in the garden of your home.

Leaking or broken drains under your property can lead to subsidence. A drain camera survey can identify any defects.

Persistent problems
If your drains keep re-blocking or those horrible drain smells don't go away, it might be time for a CCTV drain survey.

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